Annoying Supermarket Marketing Towards Kids..and tips on how to avoid it


These days marketers are doing everything in their power to get our kids interested in their products. Flip the channel to any kids show and the commercials are filled with cool looking toys and colourful things to eat and buy….as parents though, we know that most of it is pure crap. Our kids don’t. (Yet.) “Mom! Look at that! I want that!” I’m sure you’ve probaby heard it. Over. And over again.

The supermarket is the same. Although more subltle, the marketing ploy to suck you in and get your kids attention is still there. From products placed at eye-level, posters and colorful cartoon packaging, it’s constantly bombarding us. So what can you do to help avoid it? Here are some tips:

  • Keep towards the outer flow of the store where the fresher food lies and try to stay out of the isles
  • always skip the junk food isles
  • Buy bulk
  • See a deal online? Buy it there and skip the store
  • If your store has it, order online and pick up. It saves you time, plus less money spent on impulse buys
  • Visit smaller stores, and health food stores when the wallet permits. The marketing is generally geared a lot more towards making healthy choices

These days it can seem nealy impossible to get our kids attention away from the flashy world of what’s-hot-right-now. But by talking with our kids and continuing to have talks about sustainabilty and healthy choices,we can (hopefully!) steer them into a direction of healthier living. And when that happens, everybody wins.


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