Organic for baby?

Having a new baby is often a challenging time for parents. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, there is always something new to learn and new challenges that come your way.

Often times, parents start reading labels and doing their research on products and foods that they are going to be consuming and using on their babies and kids. It makes sense. As parents, we want the best for our kids.

baby pic

You start reading labels on everything. You begin noticing all these long words that you can’t pronounce, and you wonder to yourself ‘What is that?’ Now, not everything that has a long name of course, is bad. But sometimes there are ingredients or chemicals that we don’t want to use on our children. So parent’s start asking themselves, ‘Should I go organic for baby?’ ‘What are the benefits of organic foods?’ ‘Organic kids bedding?’ ‘organic vitamins for kids?’ There are so many questions and options! I get it. As this site grows, we hope that it will become your safe place to find answers to those questions and to find the products that best match your needs.

Generally, organic means foods grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, materials that are natural in nature (think wood) and without harsh chemicals and over-all using things that are in a more natural state. I think we can agree, that that sounds best for our children.

Whenever you’re in doubt about a certain ingredient or name on a label, do some research and plug it into Google, or another search engine. This way you can get a rough idea if it’s something that you are comfortable with using on your baby or kids.


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