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EWG’s New Organic guide for 2018

Every year the Environmental Working Group comes out with new guidelines to help make it easier for families to avoid extra pesticides in fruits and vegetables. Because farming practices and regulations change every year, so do the guidelines. It’s important to keep with these so that you can make the best informed choices when it comes to feeding your family.

Named the ‘Dirty Dozen’ (avoid) and the ‘Clean 15’ (OK) they provide a handy list for fruits and veggies to avoid if not organic, and a list with fruits and veggies that are OK with lower amounts of pesticides.

Here’s the link to the Dirty Dozen: Find It Here

Here’s the link to the Clean Fifteen: Find It Here

Hopefully these handy lists will make it easier for your family to make healthier and informed choices!

Annoying Supermarket Marketing Towards Kids..and tips on how to avoid it


These days marketers are doing everything in their power to get our kids interested in their products. Flip the channel to any kids show and the commercials are filled with cool looking toys and colourful things to eat and buy….as parents though, we know that most of it is pure crap. Our kids don’t. (Yet.) “Mom! Look at that! I want that!” I’m sure you’ve probaby heard it. Over. And over again.

The supermarket is the same. Although more subltle, the marketing ploy to suck you in and get your kids attention is still there. From products placed at eye-level, posters and colorful cartoon packaging, it’s constantly bombarding us. So what can you do to help avoid it? Here are some tips:

  • Keep towards the outer flow of the store where the fresher food lies and try to stay out of the isles
  • always skip the junk food isles
  • Buy bulk
  • See a deal online? Buy it there and skip the store
  • If your store has it, order online and pick up. It saves you time, plus less money spent on impulse buys
  • Visit smaller stores, and health food stores when the wallet permits. The marketing is generally geared a lot more towards making healthy choices

These days it can seem nealy impossible to get our kids attention away from the flashy world of what’s-hot-right-now. But by talking with our kids and continuing to have talks about sustainabilty and healthy choices,we can (hopefully!) steer them into a direction of healthier living. And when that happens, everybody wins.


Best Bottle For Baby?

Feeding time! Whether or not you breastfeed or bottlefeed, there’s a chance that at some point you’re going to need bottles. You might need them so dad can feed baby a bottle, or grandma or simply anyone else on the family. Then you’re left with the question of what bottle is best for baby?

What Bottle IsBest-

There is like a KA-ZILLION choices out there! Do you go with Dr what’s-his-name brand, that super well know-known baby brand, plastic or glass, and what about nipples?

Firstly, plastic as we know isn’t the most natural thing in the world. When it was finally revealed that plastic was leaching BPA in plastics, manufacturers were quick to pull the industrial chemical. But it makes you wonder, it took awhile for us to figure out BPA wasn’t good for our health, what will be next? For this reason I feel that glass is the way to go for bottles.

O.K, so what glass bottle then? Well there is a ton of options out there. But I’m going to share with you the ones that I found work best, and the ones that my close friend ended up using. While I only needed glass occasionally, she was exclusively bottle feeding so she needed a large stash on hand at all times and ones that would work well.

These were the ones that I used and liked. The shape of the nipple was one of the only ones that my kids would take!

These were the favourite of my friend. She absolutely loved the sleeve on them, and I have to agree, they are pretty cool.

At the end of the day though, it’s al about what work for your baby. Sometimes it takes trying a few different bottles for baby to get the one that fits. Good luck in your search mama!

Organic for baby?

Having a new baby is often a challenging time for parents. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, there is always something new to learn and new challenges that come your way.

Often times, parents start reading labels and doing their research on products and foods that they are going to be consuming and using on their babies and kids. It makes sense. As parents, we want the best for our kids.

baby pic

You start reading labels on everything. You begin noticing all these long words that you can’t pronounce, and you wonder to yourself ‘What is that?’ Now, not everything that has a long name of course, is bad. But sometimes there are ingredients or chemicals that we don’t want to use on our children. So parent’s start asking themselves, ‘Should I go organic for baby?’ ‘What are the benefits of organic foods?’ ‘Organic kids bedding?’ ‘organic vitamins for kids?’ There are so many questions and options! I get it. As this site grows, we hope that it will become your safe place to find answers to those questions and to find the products that best match your needs.

Generally, organic means foods grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, materials that are natural in nature (think wood) and without harsh chemicals and over-all using things that are in a more natural state. I think we can agree, that that sounds best for our children.

Whenever you’re in doubt about a certain ingredient or name on a label, do some research and plug it into Google, or another search engine. This way you can get a rough idea if it’s something that you are comfortable with using on your baby or kids.